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A Covert Trial - A Secret Agent Jury Pool- Threats Collusion Exposed

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Prelude :
Ominous Circumstances:
Having been attacked aboard the Northwest Airlines aircraft and left seriously injured and hostpitalized, that would not be the end of our ordeal but only the beginning.
As I explain in the "Ominous Activity" log book (yet to be added)and as can be seen in the chronological overview (main page, once we returned to Canada, FBI agent Marc A. Rensch was waiting for us and appeared outside my home at 11 pm on or about Jan 29. As his presence was illegal he simply nodded slyly (as if to say- now I know where you live for certain...) and pulled away. This in combination with the threats to come later at trial concerning illegal U.S. Marshal entry into Canada to "GET" us, is very disconcerting.

From this point the illegal threats were incessant: a phone call from border personnel Chris Nissan the following day accusing us of having taken that same flight back to Canada in breach of the (wrongly) imposed no fly order (such to the effect that we were being treated like terrorists) warning us that "(we) are going to have serious problems when (we) come back for trial"

Phone line tapping, voice mail deletions and threats on the phone lines of not ourselves but also friends and associates; registered legal mail sabotage that arrived in a sealed plastic envelope ripped open the contents removed and the letter delibertately friend of mine who had a call to the U.S. authorities to inquire as to our ill treatment, received an ominous message on his answering machine "You'd better stay out of our way or else- you understand?" I myself have been followed.

Why all of the threat and intimidation?

ANSWER: It was designed to get us to submit to plea bargain and false admittance to guilt (which we did not do out of principle) prior to the impending trial.

***NOTE:95%conviction rate at the federal level (apreposterous figure intrinsically) is a result of illegal threat and intimidation tactics imposed on the victims of judicial corruption and tyranny prior to trial, prompting people into submission to plea bargains!

The consequence of non compliance to their illegal bullying and threats?:
If they could not garner false victory through illegal threat and intimidation they would create a judicial gauntlet where justice would be swept aside and tyranny would rule the arena- a ploy to ensure false conviction at ALL COST- to cover for their hate crimes:

A Fixed Trial with an X- U.S. Marine with outstanding criminal charges against him as judge, and a jury pool tailor made not for prosecution but for wrongful persecution complete with members and/or affiliates of FBI, NSA, Military, MN Police, CIA, Prosecuting Attorneys, and employees of the airline on which we were attacked!-Northwest Airlines- which as I have revealed, is, itself, FBI and CIA oriented...

The following are scan ins of the ***jury pool-complete with members and or affiliates of FBI, NSA, Military, MN Police, CIA, Prosecuting Attorneys and...Northwest Airlines Employees!


The following 4 documents are the jury pool notes in the original scribe of our defense attorney Robert Jones- as such these documents are irrefutable.

Notice the first scan in below- enlarge it and you will see the ominous words "Uncle NSA" ..."Spooks" under jury member number 10. You will also notice the other members are also innately biased or prejudiced in some form or another.

Officer Alvin Cooper Gives Last Minute Testimony-Places Himself in TWO PLACES AT ONCE
ON AIRCRAFT!-Obvious False Statement Exposed (click to enlarge):

Adding further to the corruption and scheming
involved in our false 'trial' was the element of the report given to the FBI and the prosecution by

Peace officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)<< - Brief Prelude:

***After the attack *we had forwarded the nuances of our complaint to Peace Officer Standards and Training Coordinator Paul Monteen. (see scan ins below...) outlining our complaint, of not only the attack, but also of the police officer's deliberate framing on false charges of assault in order to cover for their crimes in textbook application of the mechanism used by authority to white wash accountability- TuQuoQue "Blame the Victim" a technique employed more so than any other by culpable police involved in incidents of brutality and misconduct.

P.O.S.T claims to be an outlet for the receipt of complaints against officers but their motives proved sinister and self serving as an agent for rogue police:

I had gone through the police reports and found many startling things that exposed their lies entirely. To cite several examples, their statements are full of self contradictions, not only between officers, but also when compared with their oral statements given on stand. I also uncovered the 5th officer, Alvin Cooper, whom they had tried denying was on board the aircraft, in conjunction with revealing how they had rearranged and given false account of their true positions abourd the aircraft in order to potray a false scenario of events... I go into more detail in this in another section of the website but suffice it to say for the purposes of this section, I EXPOSED THEIR GUILT, LIES AND DECTPTIONS COMPLETELY AND IRREFUTABLY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE COMPLAINT WE FORWARDED TO P.O.S.T.


>>Cover Up the Truth and aid in judicial misconduct and false implication of the innocent:
At no time did Peace Officer Standards and Training ever respond to our complaint. The next time I was to see a copy of the complaint I had given to P.O.S.T. it would be coming up in discovery for evidence at trial as "very inflammitory anti U.S. government literature" that had been reported to the FBI and handed over to the prosecution, who in turn, had given it to our attorney. I had emailed a copy of our complaint to several other parties, aswell as P.O.S.T. Coordinator Paul Monteen (as can be seen in the scan ins below) , and although at no time did P.O.S.T. ever give us a reply, they DID FORWARD TO THE FBI AND ULTIMATELY TO THE PROSECUTION - ALONG WITH THE NUANCES OF HOW WE HAD UNCOVERED THIER DECEPTIONS AND LIES:

***>>the prosecution had in effect been forwarned and armed -BY PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING- with the exact details of how the truth had been uncovered in order to prepare tactics to conceal the truth regardless.


Threatned Into Silence at Our Own Trial: Once it came time for trial, armed with the for-warning supplied by Peace Officer Standards and Training and the nuances of how we had uncovered their lies and deceptions, the prosecution knew exactly how to proceed: THREATEN MY MOTHER AND I INTO SILENCE- A GAG ORDER AT OUR OWN TRIAL!

***I was taken aside and told that if I testified, that the literature that I put out against the police officers in exposing them- which was labelled inflammitory and anti U.S. Government- would be read out loud before the audience of the jury pool. And herein I was repeatedly reminded of what encompassed the jury pool-FBI, CIA, NSA and other covert agents...

___****I was also told that if my mother chose to testify, *(my mother having been eye witness to the false hate attack and the police bruatality involved) that she would be sent to jail on charges of perjury.


Adding to the Covert Collusion and the obstruction to Truth:

***Only 2 of the 5 officers actually appeared at the trial- they were literally hiding from trial out of fear of being visually identified by my mother and I. Of course by threatening my mother and I into silence, the prosecution accounted for this danger in advance, by ensuring we would not so much as be able to speak in our own defense at the trial!

***Officer's Self Condemning Statement barred from being read aloud at trial.
As only 3 of 5 officers had written statements, by wrote design of occlusion of evidence
>Once it was discovered via our submission of evidence to the rogue Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) that we knew about the presence of 5 officers aboard the aircraft- and not 4 officers as the police had falsely reported as part of the cover up- they were forced to have the fifth officer submit a last minute statement and report only 3 days before the trial in order to effect damage control.
They also simultaneously levied a second charge against me without our knowledge in a meeting between FBI, MN police and the prosecution, as our attorney indicated postmortem.

Officer Alvin Cooper made a last statement in which the evidence of their lies was all to glaring- one of their tactics in deception had been to alter their true positions on board the aircraft and exchange badge numbers-in his haste officer Alven Cooper made the mistake of putting himself in two opposite places at once -at both the front and the rear of the aircraft-in two consecutive sentences!! (see our analysis of police statements - a link on the main page of and soon to be a side widget herein)

Yet by wrote design of deliberate court corruption and occlusion of truth, that particular statement was arbitrarily barred from being read at trial at the request of the prosecution!!
...and Criminally charged X-U.S. Marine presiding- judge David S. Doty, part of the collusion, naturally granted this request to the prosecution.

...Alvin Cooper would also later make the Freudian slip of calling me "the VICTIM" on stand much to the chagrin of the prosecution.

See our ANALYSIS OF POLICE STATEMENTS(click)- where you will see the contradictions amongst their own police statements as independent self - diagnosing evidence of their own lies and deceptions.